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23rd August 2017

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Hi, I’m Patricia Stallworth and the words in the quote above are true. I know because I lived them.

Things are good for me today, but it wasn’t always that way. I’ve made my share of mistakes and because of that I now know lots of things that just don’t work.
I started out not being responsible for my money because frankly, I didn’t know that I should be. For years I ignored my money and I paid a huge price for that. However, once I realized that it was up to me, and me alone, to get out of the hole I had dug for myself, I started a quest to learn how to manage money and build wealth, and I haven’t looked back.
Today, I’m in control and I use the lessons I learned the hard way to help others have a smoother journey than I did. For example, I like to point out the secret hiding places of various traps and share strategies to go over or around them to keep my clients on track to achieve their goals.
As I look back, there were obvious signs all along the way – vague responses to my questions, accounts that didn’t always add up – that I chose to ignore. But the truth is, whether you choose to actively participate in how your money is managed or not, you will have to live with the consequences. So, don’t fall into the traps I fell into — take charge, live life on your terms!

My Credentials

I have 20+ years’ experience working in personal finance and business management both in and out of the corporate world.  I am the author of several books including  Minding Your Money and host of the wildly popular Minding Your Money Minute podcast.

My professional credentials include:

  • PS Worth – President/CEO
  • Management Consultant – Deloitte & Touche
  • Financial Consultant – American Express Financial Advisors
  • Financial Analyst – AXA Financial
  • Consultant/Faculty – Small Business Development Center at University of Georgia
  • Financial Planning Instructor – Oglethorpe University in the CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) Program
  • MBA – Finance – University of Kentucky