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23rd August 2017

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Motivational & Entertaining Speaker | Engaging Media Guest | Financial Educator & Empowerment Activist

Patricia Stallworth, MBA is a money coach and a financial empowerment activist. She helps people live life on their terms by changing their relationship with money. Unlike a typical financial advisor who does most of the work for their clients, she teaches her clients how to manage their money to achieve the results they want.

Her philosophy is based on the principle of ‘teaching a man to fish versus just giving him a fish,’ so they can continue to grow through their own efforts. Skills that are so important today whether you choose to work with a financial advisor or not because no one will care as much about your interests as you and YOU will have to live with the results!

Patricia is also the author of Minding Your Money and the creator of the Minding Your Money Minute Podcast with 10,000+ downloads per month.

Her background includes 20+ years’ experience working in various areas of personal and business finance from consulting in a Big 5 accounting firm – to work as an advisor in financial planning firms – to teaching in the CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) and CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) Programs – to establishing her own financial education firm.  (More details on available on the Meet Patricia page)

Her core message is that if you want to achieve financial freedom, you must do more than just earn money, you must also mind your money. A lesson, she says, that she learned the hard way after losing everything.

Want to mind your money, but not sure where to start? A great place to start is with the  Minding Your Money Minute podcast each weekday and to join the Minding Your Money Movement. When you do, you can download a free copy of my 5 Secrets to Master Your Money Mindset, then just follow the steps and always remember if you don’t mind your money someone else will and then they will control your future. ps!


With 20+ years’ experience in financial planning, Patricia speaks on a variety of Minding Your Money topics, including:

  • Men, Women and Money
  • Money Habits That Can Keep You Poor
  • Essential Steps to Live Life on Your Terms
  • Love and Money: Divorce-Proofing Your Relationship / The Money Talk & Quiz
  • Costly Divorce Mistakes


“Patricia’s workshop was timely and well received…evaluation comments included, “Great curriculum,” “Motivating,” “Excellent!”

— Sharon Macaluso, Small Business Development Center, University of Georgia


About the Minding Your Money Minute…

“This is perfect for me. It’s a daily motivation or reminder that keeps me in check with my resolutions and financial goals.”

— CShelby

“Patricia proves that it doesn’t take a lot of time to make the most of your money. She’s consistent, professional and gives really useful advice. Thanks for the podcast!”

— Listener in Orlando

Minding Your Money: Personal, Money Management and Investment Strategies

ISBN: 1-58151-002-0   222 pages   Buy the Book

The first book in the Minding Your Money series. It introduces the basic minding your money principles of taking control and taking responsibility for your financial life.

Minding Your Money is designed to provide you with a basic financial plan that you can implement or use to work with your advisor when you complete the exercises in the book.

How to Get Divorced Without Losing Your Blouse: 129 Things Every Woman Needs to Know to Protect Her Future

ISBN: 978-0978550240   110 pages   Paperback (audio and ebook versions coming soon) Buy the Book

Divorce can be devastating, even when it’s the best solution.

How to Get Divorced Without Losing Your Blouse takes the mystery out of divorce by answering  questions in all of the key areas of divorce.

Interview Questions for How to Get Divorced Without Losing Your Blouse

  1. Why a book specifically for women?
  2. What are three tips you can give to anyone who is thinking about getting a divorce?
  3. What are the biggest mistakes people make around divorce?
  4. Are there things that couples can do to divorce-proof their relationship?
  5. Are there things that business owners can do to divorce-proof their business?


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